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Chocolate-Hazelnut Verrine

Chocolate-Hazelnut Verrine


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PreGel Professional Training Center

  • Components Of Recipe
  • Brownie
  • Hazelnut Mousse
  • Method of Assembly


3 each (0.1oz)
150g (5.3oz)
300g (10.6oz)

Method of Preparation

  1. In mixer with the paddle attachment, cream butter.
  2. Incorporate eggs one at a time; scrape sides of the bowl in between incorporations; add some of the dry ingredients in between incorporation of eggs to prevent mixture from breaking.
  3. Incorporate remaining dry ingredients until mixture comes together.
  4. Pipe into buttered molds.
  5. Bake at 177°C/350°F for 10-15 minutes or until done.
  6. Place the cake in the freezer until firm.
  7. Cut into small cubes and reserve.

Hazelnut Mousse

750g (26.5oz)
200g (7.1oz)
150g (5.3oz)
77g (2.7oz)

* can be replaced with

Method of Preparation

  1. Add the heavy cream, water and PreGel Soffiopan®-Neutro (Neutral Mousse Base) and PreGel Hazelnut Piemonte Traditional Paste in a mixing bowl with the whip attachment.
  2. Whip to the desired consistency.
  3. Pipe into the desired container and refrigerate to set the mousse.

Method of Assembly

As needed

Method of Preparation

  1. Once the Hazelnut Semifreddo Mousse is in the container, scoop a small amount of the PreGel Krocco Milk Arabeschi® (Chocolate Cereal Crunch) onto the mousse.
  2. Place a few pieces of the Brownie on top and garnish with PreGel Chocolate Accents.
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