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Turkish Coffee Soft Serve

Turkish Coffee Soft Serve


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PreGel Professional Training Center


2500g (88.2oz)
400g (14.1oz)
400g (14.1oz)
270g (9.5oz)
300g (10.6oz)
50g (1.8oz)
150g (5.3oz)
1g (0.03oz)

* can be replaced with

Method of Preparation

  1. Combine the whole milk, heavy cream, condensed milk and the with an immersion blender until well combined.
  2. Mix the sucrose, , and the ground cardamom together until smooth and no lumps remain. Add the combined powders to the blended milk preparation with the immersion blender until very smooth and homogeneous.
  3. Pour the base into a soft serve machine and proceed according to machine's instructions.