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Coconut Lychee Monoportion

Coconut Lychee Monoportion


Recipe Created By:
PreGel Professional Training Center

  • Components Of Recipe
  • Lychee Pannacotta Insert
  • Coconut Mousse Meringue
  • Coconut Mousse
  • Coconut Dacquoise Meringue
  • Coconut Dacquoise
  • Final Assembly

Lychee Pannacotta Insert

600g (21.2oz)
200g (7.1oz)
600g (21.2oz)

Method of Preparation

  1. In a pot, heat the Boiron Lychee Puree to 40°C/104°F.
  2. Remove from heat; whisk in ; whisk in heavy cream.
  3. Pipe into desired mold and freeze in a blast freezer before proceeding.

Coconut Mousse Meringue

67g (2.4oz)
167g (5.9oz)
267g (9.4oz)

Method of Preparation

  1. In a mixer with the whip attachment, combine the sugar and water.
  2. Whip together to dissolve sugar.
  3. Add to mixer and whisk by hand to dissolve powder.
  4. Whip on medium-high to high speed until mixture reaches full volume.

Coconut Mousse

87g (3.1oz)
616g (21.7oz)
100g (3.5oz)
176g (6.2oz)
128g (4.5oz)
550g (19.4oz)
467g (16.5oz)

Method of Preparation

  1. Whip the cream to soft peaks; reserve for later.
  2. Combine puree and ; bring to a boil.
  3. Whisk egg yolks and sugar together.
  4. Temper hot liquid into egg yolk mixture; return to the pot.
  5. Cook like an anglaise to 82°C; remove from heat.
  6. Blend in the melted gelatin solution.
  7. Strain through a chinoise.
  8. Place onto an ice bath and stir occasionally until cool.
  9. Fold the whipped cream into the anglaise.
  10. Fold the meringue from above into the anglaise.
  11. Set aside for assembly.

Coconut Dacquoise Meringue

100g (3.5oz)
133g (4.7oz)
37g (1.3oz)

Method of Preparation

  1. In a mixing bowl fitted with a whip attachment, add sugar and water.
  2. Whip until sugar is dissolved.
  3. Add and whip until stiff peaks are obtained.

Coconut Dacquoise

235g (8.3oz)
100g (3.5oz)
25g (0.9oz)
30g (1.1oz)
65g (2.3oz)
4 each

Method of Preparation

  1. Combine the sifted coconut, almond flour, pastry flour and powdered sugar.
  2. Take a portion of the stiffly whipped meringue from above and fold in the dry ingredients and lime zest.
  3. Combine this mixture with the rest of the meringue.
  4. Spread into mold and bake at 325°F in a conventional oven until done.

Final Assembly

as desired

Final Assembly

  1. Fill a desired mold partially full of the Coconut Mousse.
  2. Insert the frozen Lychee Pannacotta Insert.
  3. Fill the mold with remaining Coconut Mousse.
  4. Insert Coconut Dacquoise into the mold.
  5. Freeze mold completely.
  6. Once frozen remove from the mold and spray with tempered white cocoa butter.
  7. Glaze corner of mold as desired with .
  8. Allow to thaw completely before serving.