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Coated Cones

Coated Cones


Recipe Created By:
PreGel Professional Training Center


as needed
as needed

Method of Preparation

  1. Place cones in freezer to cool.
  2. If using PreGel Coriandolina® Coatings, melt desired coating in microwave.
  3. Using a ladle, pour desired PreGel product in cone, swirl cone around to coat entire inner surface of cone, then turn upside down and allow excess to drain.
  4. Place back in the freezer to allow PreGel product to set.
  5. Serve as desired with gelato, sorbetto, ice cream, frozen yogurt or Tenero® (soft serve).
Notes to Consider: if using PreGel's Pino Pinguino® or Arabeschi® to coat cones, the cones will need to stay in the freezer after they are coated and until they are ready to serve due to these products being soft at room temperature. A great alternative would be to coat the cones in front of the customer, but customers will need to be warned that the products are soft.