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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake


Recipe Created By:
PreGel International Training Centers

  • Components Of Recipe
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Cake Batter Gelato
  • Semifreddo
  • Final Assembly

Chocolate Cake

200g (7.1oz)
100g (3.5oz)
100g (3.5oz)

Method of Preparation

  1. Combine and in a mixing bowl with the paddle attachment, and mix.
  2. Once combined, add and mix until smooth and creamy.
  3. Pipe into molds that have been buttered and floured.
  4. Bake at 185°C/365°F for about 6 to 8 minutes.
  5. Remove from molds and serve immediately.

Cake Batter Gelato

2500g (88.2oz)
1 bag (0.0oz)
as needed

Method of Preparation

  1. Combine all ingredients with an immersion blender.
  2. Let mix age and hydrate for ½ hour (optional).
  3. Pour into a batch freezer and freeze accordingly
  4. Mix in sprinkles as gelato is extracted


300g (10.6oz)
1000g (35.3oz)
40-90g (144.3oz)

Method of Preparation

  1. Add heavy cream, flavor, and in the bowl of a stand mixer.
  2. Whip to desired peaks.
Notes to Consider: *Happy Torte can be flavored with 3% to 7% of any PreGel Traditional Paste, Fortefrutto, or 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Paste or Compound.

Method of Preparation

  1. Freeze gelato in a silicone mold in a blast freezer.
  2. Cut cake to be the same size as the mold with the gelato
  3. Garnish with Semifreddo Mousse.