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Churro Fillings

Churro Fillings


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PreGel Professional Training Center


705g (24.9oz)
125g (4.4oz)
115g (4.1oz)
55g (1.9oz)
90g (3.2oz)
90g (3.2oz)
90g (3.2oz)

* can be replaced with

Method of Preparation

  1. Pour the milk into a pan and heat it on the stove until it starts to boil.
  2. Mix the sugar with the cornstarch. Add the egg yolks and mix until they start to lighten in color.
  3. Slowly add the previously heated milk to the egg mixture and continue to mix it.
  4. Once the milk has been incorporated fully, continuously mixing it pour the mixture back into the pan and heat it until it starts to boil.
  5. Continue to heat the mixture until viscosity is created.
  6. Remove it promptly from the stove and refrigerate it so it cools down.
  7. Once the cream has cooled, pour it into another recipient and mix it until it creates a smooth texture.
  8. Add the for a chocolate-hazelnut filling flavor, for a coffee filling flavor or for a strawberry filling flavor. Mix it until incorporated.
  9. Fill the churros and serve.